stainless steel hygienic double seat mixproof valve

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stainless steel hygienic double seat mixproof valve


  • Size: DN40-DN100;  11/2”-4”
  • Max. Pressure: 6BAR
  • Working temperature:-10℃ to +120℃
  • Air connection size: R1/”
  • Surface: Inner RA0.5um
  • The contacted parts: SS304 or SS316L
  • Sealing: EPDM, silicone or FPM
  • Connection type: welded, threading, triclover end
  • Limit switch type: 6-36V  DC  2-3 nos NPN or PNP
  • C top: AS-I connection  24-48V AC/DC 3个PNP/NPN  
  • Max travel range≤80mm
  • Less space
  • Easy maintenance
  • No dead angle
  • No contacting between drain system and products
  • The separating chamber cleaning does not occur any hydraulic-pressure
  • CIP cleaning can be done any time whenever the valve is open or close

The mixproof valve is controlled by the pressed air. When the valve is closed, the valve is working with two seperate valve body. The two different liquid are passed from their own pipeline. Between the two valve body, there is a draining body. In case there is any leaking from the two liquid, the two liquid goes into the draining body so the two liquid would not mix. And we can drain the leaking liquid from the draining body. When the valve is open, the valve can be worked as a flow diversion valve. The liquid can be transferred from one pipeline to another pipeline.

Please see the valve body type as belows

Application: Food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, chemical or any food processing industries 

Pleaase see the below the working principle for the double seat mixproof valve

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