the central inspections of environmental protection has entered Zhejiang

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The second team of the central inspections of environmental protection has entered Zhejiang and will stay from August 11th 2017 to September 11th 2017. This has caused a quite stir in the steel industry.

Virtually all of the plants have been affected. Nearly 377 have been shut down, 140 have been relocated, 54 have signed relocation agreements and 1631 plants were cut off electricity. Worse still, as many as 2577 enterprises with no capital, no plant and no administrative structure (three-no-enterprises) will be shut down before the end of the next month. And all of the three-no-enterprises will have to shut down before the end of October.

In fact, the environmental protection suspected culprit. The government attach increasing attention to environment rectification as well as Chinese people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming more and more intense. Thus, the government takes stern measures to punish the plants which don’t reach the standard of emission. Nevertheless, high standard and fast effectiveness lead to outage, detention and penalty once found manufacturing, no matter exceed the criteria or not.

Furthermore, the government didn’t give any unequivocal guidelines or solutions. Manufacturers are now in a very passive position. Environmental rectification is on the purpose of bringing benefits to people, otherwise, it evidently leads the unemployment rate growing as well as prices surging.

Hence, in order to get through this hard time together, partial products will confronted with delivery extension. Especially triclover ferrules, sanitary elbow, tee, reducer, sanitary unions, manhole cover products will face the long delivery time. Any update we will keep you posted in time.

We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused.

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