How to choose triclover ferrule , gaskets and clamps

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Some customers always have adoubts in identify which sizes are suitable for their applications. So we discussed how to identify the triclover ferrule, gaskets and clamps easily.

How to choose triclover ferrule , gaskets and clamps

E size is important for choosing clamps. If you are not sure about E size, the clamps can be not matching. For example, DN125 size ferrule, in some companies, E size 2.85mm; in some companies, E size is 5.6mm.  So please be careful about E size. 

Mostly, E dimension is 2.85mm for sizes from 1/2"-4", E dimension is 5.6mm for sizes from 5"-12"

A size is the key for choosing correct clamps .  Please always check the A dimension before ordering. For 3/4" size, normally it is with A 25.2mm. Yet in some companies, they require A 34mm .

Mostly, A dimensions is as followings

1/2"-3/4" A25.2mm
1"-11/2" A50.5mm
2" A64mm
21/2" A77.5mm
3" A91mm
4" A119mm
6" A166.8mm
8" A217.7mm
10" A268.5mm
12" A319.3mm
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