Sanitary female rotary tank cleaning nozzle


This new type of tank cleaning nozzle provides more stable and better performance in cleaning tanks. 

Advanced features

  1. They are used for medium to large tanks. 
  2. flat fan orifices
  3. high cleaning performance 
  4. running at relatively low pressure 
  5. PTFE bearing
  6. can be used for grain processing
  7. efficient and reliable 

Cleaning ball is used for cleaning the inside of the tank.

Type: fixed or rotated type

Connection type: Welded, clamped, threaded, Pin type, Socket end

Standard: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, 3A

Material: SS304, SS316L

Specification: 1/2"-2 1/2" , DN20-DN80

Application: Food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, chemical or any food processing industries

Working pressure: 1--3 bar

Maximum operating temperature: 95 degree

Spray cleaning radius: the maximum effective radius 3m

Surface treatment: inner Ra0.5um, outside Ra0.8um

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