stainless steel food grade manual T type clamped forging diaphragm valve

JN -DV1013

The diaphragm valve is widely used for pharmaceutical industries. This valve is widely used for controlling flow rate.


compact structure, fullly-draining itself, no rentention angle .forged valve body of compact intercry stalline structure, sterilize rapidly and thoroughly Intergrated machining from advanced equipments, assures safety and reliable in installation Valve body which contacts with liquid is made of SS316L. The non-contacting part is made of SS304 material.

  • Valve body type: Two way mirror type, two way sand blasting type, three way, U type, T type
  • Actuator type: Stainless steel type, aluminium type , Plastic type
  • Gasket: Silicone, EPDM, EPDM+PTFE integrated membrane , EPDM/PTFE seperate membrane,
  • Integrated membrane
  • Max. Pressure: 10bar
  • Max. Temperature: -10  ~ +120 degree
  • Material quality: SS 316L
  • Inside surface finish: Ra0.4
  • Standard: DIN, SMS
  • Connection: welded, clamped, flanged,
  • Size:
    • Mini type: DN6, DN8, DN10,
    • Medium type: DN15-DN50
    • Large type: DN65, DN80, DN100
  • Applications: Widely used for pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Product Description

Product Description

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