Stainless Steel Hygienic Grade Clamped Middle-Clamp Nrv Check Valve



  • The valves can be installed in vertical pipeline only.
  • The min. pressure difference is 0.08bar to open the valve
  • Flow direction is from the bottom to the top side only
  • Asept, Non retention dead angle, easy to clean, easy to maintenance
  • Operating temperature:-10 degree to 120 degree
  • Valve disc is made from casting.
  • Valve body is made from forging.
  • Valve body type: clamped or nut type
  • Gasket: EPDM, silicone  
  • All gaskets are FDA approved
  • Max. Pressure: 10BAR
  • Min. Pressure:0.2BAR
  • Compact design, easy maintenance and high torque
  • Connection end: Weld, tri-clamped, male threading,
  • Standard: DIN, SMS, 3A,
  • Material: SS304, SS316L 
  • Inside surface finish: Ra0.4
  • Size: DN20-DN100 ,  3/4"-4"
  • Application: Food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, chemical or any food processing industries 

Operating principle

The valve opens when the pressure of the fluid exceeds the pressure exerted by the pump spring. When the two pressures are equalised, the valve closes.A stronger counter-pressure allows the valve to close.


Construction/shaftAlSl304 AISI 316L
Spring AISI 301
Seal EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
Surface finishing Ra≤0.8μ m


  • Seals in NBR, FPM (Viton) or PTFE. All of them according to FDA 177.2600
  • Connections: weld, thread, clamp, DIN, SMS, RJT, IDF, ISO,3A

Technical specifications

  • Max pressure:10 bar
  • Opening pressure: 0.3 bar (DN-25),0.2 bar (DN- 32/40),0.1 bar (DN- 50/100)
  • Working temperature -10C to +120C (EPDM)

technical parameter

technical parameter

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