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stainless steel hygienic RJT/ BSM/ CIP union

  • JN-UN6001
  • 730729000
stainless steel  hygienic  RJT/ BSM/ CIP union

RJT union is also called BSM union, CIP unions.
Both O ring Joint type and stepped RJT seal is available. 
Due to the small crevice, the RJT unions can be widely used for CIP applications. 

We provide the sanitary RJT unions as followings
●  Size: 1/2"-4"
●  Inner Ra 0.6, External Ra 0.8
●  Grade: SS304, SS316L
●  Inner Ra0.4 to meet food requirement; surface is smooth and elegant
●  Gaskets are compliant with FDA
●  Made from forging
●  we use first class LG ZAMAK CNC to machining. Therefor our CNC parts are exactly correct size without any human error.
For unions, ... After products are finished, we recheck the roundness, thickness uniformity, Ra value, sand hole, surface uniformity. So after these inspection, the fittings are of excellent quality.
Our sanitary unions are widely used for food, beverage, Dairy , bio-tech, pharmacy industries.
If you would like to order,  please send us the code number, size, grade, and quantity.
We shall provide you the material certificate and mill certificate along with the shipment.

Name Code Size grade
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT hex nut JN-UN6001 152.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT round nut JN-UN6001-R 152.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld male JN-UN6002 152.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT weld liner JN-UN6003 152.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union O ring JN-UN-600-O 152.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 12.7 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 19.05 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 25.4 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 31.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 38.1 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 50.8 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 63.5 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 76.2 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 101.6 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 127 SS304 or SS316L
RJT union stepped seal JN-UN-600-ST 152.4 SS304 or SS316L



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