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Stainless steel hygienic grade CPM valve

  • JN-CPM1002
  • 8481804090
Stainless steel hygienic grade  CPM valve

The CPM valve is used to keep the system in safe pressure. So to avoid of any leaking and explosion problems. When we set the pressure, the CPM valve works to remain the set pressure all the time.  As the inlet and valve body is 90 degree, so there is no dead angle. The valve is easy operating and easy maintenance.
Ideal fluidity
Easy cleanability
Simple operation , easy repairment and maintainance
The pressure is adjustable
Temperature range: -10degree~~95degree
Two type: CPMI-2 or CPMO-2 type
Valve body is made from 12mm steel plate.
Service kit is imported material EPDM/PTFE, which is very very good quality. Nitrile upper and telfon covered EPDM for down parts
Max. Pressure: 10bar
Min. Pressure: 0Bar
Flow Kv, fully open,(p=1ar): Approx 23m3/h
Flow Kv, low capacity (p=1bar): Approx 2m3/h
CPMI-2 valve is to keep inlet pressure constant which are mostly used after separators or heat exchangers
CPM0-2 valve is to keep outlet pressure constant which are mostly used before filling or bottle machines
Uniform inlet or outlet pressure
Fast response
Double diaphragm to ensure better performance
Tangential inlet for complete self-draining
Kv 23 plug to cover a wide range of low capacities
Connection end: welded,clamped
Size: 1-2.5, DN25-DN65
Material: SS304, SS316L
Surface finish: Sand blasting type
Application: sterilization, filling, bottling, filter, heat exchanging system in Food, beverage, dairy, pharmacy, chemical or any food processing industries 


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