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Sanitary plug valve  is widely used for low pressure and low temperature piping lines. 

provide the following different types to meet customers' requirements.
● Size: 1"-3"
● Grade in SS304 and SS316L.  
● 2-way or 3-way plug valve is available 
● 2 way plug valve is used as a shutoff valve 
● 3-way plug valve is used as a flow divert valve
● The valve is used for low temperature (max 1.7bar) only 
● Stainless steel tapered core inside the plug valve is to make sure the valve is durable
●  Removable handle provides easy disassemble 

●  The valve is used for high viscosity liquid 

  The valve body and valve core is made from forging. 

 Connection :butt welded, triclamps, union, male connections.

Our plug valves are widely used in food, beverage, dairy , biotech, pharmacy industries. 
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