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 Sanitary mixproof valve 

Joneng offers a wide range of Sanitary double seat mixproof valve, sanitary single seat mixproof valve, sanitary mixproof valve with self-cleaning port 

 We provide the following different sizes or models to meet customers' requirements.
●  Size: 2"-4"
●  Grade in SS304 and SS316L.  
●   Double sealing valve
●   Fully separation of different products in the same valve body
●   Leakage detector to reallize any leaking during production
●   Provides continous production and cleaning
●  Connection type : Butt welded, triclamps, union,male connections.
●  Easy usage of the valves, easy to install and maintain;
●  Avoid any product contamination 

Our sanitary mixproof valves can be used in wide range of application in food, beverage, dairy , bio-tech, pharmacy industries. 
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