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Sanitary manhole cover is also called sanitary manway, sanitary manway door, sanitary manhole door, sanitary handhole, manhole door

We provide various of the sanitary manway as followings

●  Size: round 200mm-600mm; oval 430*330 till 635*525

●  Non pressure round manhole cover, Pressure manhole cover,  Oval manway, rectangular     manhole cover are available

●  Mirror and matte surface polishing is available

●  Inner Ra 0.6, External Ra 0.8

●  Standard as per : 3A, SMS, ISO, DIN, AS, BS4825, BPE

●  Grade: SS304, SS316L

●  Inner Ra0.4 to meet food requirement; surface is smooth and elegant

●  Gaskets are compliant with FDA

For the sanitary manhole covers, ... After products are finished, we recheck the roundness, thickness uniformity, Ra value, sand hole, surface uniformity. So after these inspection, the manhole covers are of excellent quality.

Our sanitary manhole covers are widely used for food, beverage, Dairy , bio-tech, pharmacy industries.


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