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How to choose triclover ferrule , gaskets and clamps

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Some customers always have adoubts in identify which sizes are suitable for their applications. So we discussed how to identify the triclover ferrule, gaskets and clamps easily.


E size is important for choosing clamps. If you are not sure about E size, the clamps can be not matching. For example, DN125 size ferrule, in some companies, E size 2.85mm; in some companies, E size is 5.6mm.  So please be careful about E size. 

Mostly, E dimension is 2.85mm for sizes from 1/2"-4"

            E dimension is 5.6mm for sizes from 5"-12"

A size is the key for choosing correct clamps .  Please always check the A dimension before ordering. For 3/4" size, normally it is with A 25.2mm. Yet in some companies, they require A 34mm .

Mostly, A dimensions is as followings

1/2"-3/4"    A 25.2mm

1"-11/2"      A50.5mm

2"                 A64mm

21/2"           A77.5mm

3"                A91mm

4"               A119mm

6"              A166.8mm

8"              A217.7mm

10"             A268.5mm

12"             A319.3mm


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